RingCentral SDK for C# Simple

This package is designed to make the RingCentral SDK for C# simple to use.

Quickstart Guide


Via NuGet:

PM> Install-Package RingCentralSDK
PM> Install-Package RingCentralSimple

See the detailed installation pages for additional information on installing PubNub.


using RingCentral;
using RingCentralSimple;

Send an SMS

This can be done simply using the SendMessage() method which returns a RingCentral.SDK.Http.Response object. This assumes that the accountId and extensionId are the default ids for the authorized user.

var sdk = new RingCentral.SDK.SDK("appKey", "appSecret", "serverUrl", "appName", "appVersion");
var rc = new RingCentralSimple.Client(sdk);
rc.Sdk.GetPlatform().Authorize("username", "extension", "password", true);
// SendMessage takes the following parameters: ("fromNumber", "toNumber", "message")
var response = rc.SendMessage("+15551112222", "+15553334444", "RingCentral SMS via C#");

Access RingCentral Client

The official RingCentral C# SDK is available via the Sdk property.

var rc = new RingCentralSimple.Client("appKey", "appSecret", "serverUrl");
var rcsdk = rc.Sdk;